Shea is an actor, dancer, and singer originally from the Danbury area of Connecticut. At a young age, she was singing and dancing along with the cast of The Wizard of Oz movie on her TV screen. Soon, she started taking ballet lessons and hasn't stopped performing since!


Shea graduated with a BFA in musical theater from Western Connecticut State University this past Spring. While there, she had the opportunity to cultivate her artistry with industry professionals such as Tim Howard, John Hickock, Mary Ann Lamb, Scott Wise, and Elizabeth Parkinson. She has also had the opportunity to perform professionally at a few regional theaters during the summers.


Shea is also a budding choreographer. In 2019, she received a certificate of merit from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for her work choreographing The 1940's Radio Hour. Her work can also be seen in the music video for "Cycles" by Jillian Caillouette.